Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fall Garden Glories

Purple Asters and Sunflowers

Sunflowers on the west side
Every fall it's a thrill to see my Narrow-leaf Sunflowers (Helianthus angustifolius) come into bloom, and then the purple asters (Symphiotrichium oblongifolium) gradually begin to open... the butterflies and bees love these. This year I've seen more monarch butterflies in my yard than ever.--they look so lovely sipping nectar from the flowers!

It's still quite warm, and most of the leaves are holding onto their summer colors, with the exception of the dogwoods. The one in front is particularly colorful this year.

Front yard.

The red Dahlia I had planted earlier finally produced one beautiful bloom--it's so late in the season I doubt there will be more than a few flowers, but what is there, is 'cherce'. I wish I had the time to paint it, but first, it's time to start fumigating and bringing in the houseplants that summer outdoors--the first frost is probably just around the corner.

Red Dahlia

Back yard beds.

The beds in the back yard continue to expand and be filled: a few more evergreens and perennials near the deck, more Coneflowers and Chrysanthemums in the beds behind. It'll take a few more years of growth before the beds begin to look full, that is if the deer and rabbits don't eat them back. This summer the rabbits ate two out of the three red Salvias I put in, but they didn't touch the marigolds--I'll plant more marigolds next year.