Saturday, October 19, 2013

Art at the Mill

Herb at "Art at the Mill."

Three of my pieces were accepted into this fall's Art at the Mill show. Last Sunday there was a reception for the artists, and Herb accompanied me. The show is impressive--there were over a thousand pieces of art by three-hundred some artists drawn not just from the local area, but far and wide. That was at the start of the show two weeks ago, but since buyers take their purchases with them, by last weekend only about two-thirds of the art remained.

The setting for the show is also fascinating--the historic Burwell-Morgan Mill in the quaint village of Millwood is now owned and operated by the Clarke County Historic Society. Docents on site explain the inner workings of the mill: the water wheel with its wooden gears, the grindstone, and other related machinery of the period can be seen on the lower level.

Me standing next to my piece "Maryland Veldt"(below the portrait).
The exhibit encompassed a wide approach to style and subject matter, from abstract to realistic, still-life and plein air landscapes, as well as many very accomplished portraits, some of beautiful animals. The organizers have been putting on this show for the past 28 years. Art at the Mill is open over several weekends each fall and spring, and I am honored to be in such good company.

The entire weekend was rainy, a very welcome phenomenon after more than a month without any rain. This photo of my narrow-leaved sunflower in glorious bloom was taken just before the flowers were knocked down by the week's torrents. I bought this plant last year at the Virginia State Arboretum's Arborfest plant sale and it turned out to be a great choice--the flowers opened around the first of October. Hopefully the clump will continue to expand and I can subdivide it in a year or two.

Helianthus angustifolia

Earlier in the week the spring-flowering bulbs I'd ordered arrived, and now I'm ready for a frenzy of fall planting.