Saturday, August 24, 2013

New Deck and Garden Musings

The new deck for our house is finally complete! The actual building stage only took the work crew a week, but preparing for the work--obtaining the approval of the homeowner's association and the building permit--had started back in early May.

We're waiting for delivery of  the new table and chairs sometime in the first week of September so that we can enjoy dinners outdoors. In the meantime, our next door neighbors were so kind as to loan us two Adirondack chairs so we could sit outside on summer evenings for that magical golden hour.

I look forward to furnishing the deck with some potted plants and benches next year, as well as adding  the stairs and a flagstone patio at the walkout basement door. In the meantime, work on the landscape continues. In June we added a large Japanese zelkova tree to the side yard which you can see here behind Herb.

Here's a two shots of the front of the house--the first one from last year, the one below this year--it shows a little bit of progress though not very dramatic.

Summer 2012

Summer 2013

Western side.

Eastern side.